Paddle 101 Clinic


Sat 01 Jun 2024 10:00AM — 11:30AM

Event information

The Lake Meridian Dragons are hosting a Paddle 101 Clinic on Saturday, June 1st after practice (starting approximately 10:00 a.m.). We will need some paddlers and a couple tillers to help depending on how many people sign up (we are posting on our website and on our Meet Up site). The clinic will last about 90 minutes. 

In addition to being there to help, we will need:

  • Paddles from storage
  • Life vests from storage
  • Waivers (either access to online or hardcopies and a pen in case)
  • First aid kit availability (there's one in storage if we don't have one on site)
  • Extra bottles of water
  • Large dry bag for people that bring too much 'stuff' on the boat
  • Your smiling, happy faces and best stories about how fun this club is! :-)
  • Please collect information (name, email, phone number) from each attendee so New Member Focals can follow up with them.