Board, Team Representatives & Meeting Info

Board of Directors & Team Representatives

The Board of Directors consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  These four officers are elected by the membership on an annual basis.  Additionally, KDBA coaches are considered members of the Board with voting privileges.  Meetings are generally held monthly where the business of the association is managed; including but not limited to working on strategy, setting goals, objectives, and overseeing association activities.

All KDBA members are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings which are currently held via Zoom monthly.  The date, time and link or location for meetings can be located on the Events tab and will continue to be posted on Team Cowboy until the new site is fully functioning.

2024 KDBA Board of Directors

  • Nadine Rosendin, President
  • Deb Bailey, Vice President
  • Georgeanne Glassner, Board Treasurer
  • Brandon Fritz, Team Treasurer
  • Lisa Rockas, Secretary

2024 KDBA Coaching Staff

  • Ann Markley

2024 KDBA Team Representatives

  • Crew Captains: Julie Klug | Tom Tate
    Works closely with the Technical Coach(es) assisting with benching, attendance, race strategy and ensuring Race Protocols are followed.
  • Team Managers: Chris Salzer | Deb Myers
    Provides administrative support for the team and Technical Coach(es) by being primary focal for all correspondence. Also responsible for ensuring Race Managers are assigned for all races in a timely manner. In addition to roles already mentioned, works closely with Crew Captains.
  • Membership Focal: Debbie Baxter
    Responsible for overall KDBA membership roster and ensuring all members have appropriate waivers, processes and fees signed and/or paid. Works closely with Treasurers and New Member Focals.
  • New Member Focal: Malia Hasegawa | Jeff Parilla
    Main point of contact for all new members ensuring a positive experience with KDBA. Makes sure all appropriate waivers, processes and fees are understood, signed and/or paid. Works closely with Membership Focal.
  • Social Media Focal: Steve Brown | Lidsyda Nouanphachan
    Develops, maintains and updates KDBA’s public social media presence ensuring a positive initial impression on visitors.
  • Team Volunteer Focal: Lisa Rockas
    Focal for KDBA member volunteer hours. Tracks total volunteer and buyout hours for all members and communicates status throughout the year with each member.