Olympia Dragon Boat Festival - Sign up for Mixed Crew

Event information

This event is full.

The date has been set and now the organizers are working their way through the details.  The actual details and happening of this race will ultilmately depend on how many teams are interested in participating.  Once the organizers have met the minimum number of teams needed, they will finalize the details of the event.

This is where we need your help ASAP to help the Olympia Dragon Boat Club determine if this race is going to happen or not!

PLEASE RSVP as soon as possible to convey your interest in the participating in the Olympia race should they meet the required number of teams.

Note: This is the same weekend that the Nanaimo race is also scheduled.  If you are interested in either, then RSVP for both.  Essentially the race with the most YES's will be the race that will likely get chosen for that weekend, since we don't have enough to warrant a team at both venues.

Until more information can be provided, feel free to visit the event page for the basic details at the following link: Olympia Dragon Boat Festival.